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Shanghai ULUCU Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is an artificial intelligence enterprise specializing in public cloud AI. According to various types of users and scenarios such as smart shops, smart homes and smart transportation, ULUCU provides multiple functions and services by cameras in a flexible way including human detection, vehicle recognition, people counting analysis, human tracking, call-for-help detection, etc. ULUCU has always been devoted to making human work and life easier through AI technology.

ULUCU is one of the earliest enterprises that had proposed a mode of Camera+Saas Cloud Service, redefined camera attributes, explored more functions beyond security monitoring and integrated AI applications into more smart scenarios. In 2023, when an era of large models has been ushered, camera has also been entered into an era of AI cloud cameras. ULUCU is aiming at the production and development of AI cloud cameras and making camera functions more powerful through cloud integration.

ULUCU has owned a relatively high market share in numerous vertical fields whose business coverage includes smart retail, smart life, smart catering, smart vehicle and aftermarket, smart education, smart home, smart government enterprises, smart city management and smart industry, etc. ULUCU has cumulatively served nearly 6000 brands with more than 2 million chain stores worldwide. The cloud platform contains more than 2 million cameras and is visited 2 billion times by customers per month.

ULUCU has obtained multiple rounds of financing from various renowned investment institutions including KPCB, Oriental Fortune Capital OFC, Yonyou Happiness Fund, Milestone Fund, Innovation Investment Fund Center of China Merchants Group and Tencent, etc.

The Number Of Signed Stores Is 2,000,000
Company History
  • ULUCU was awarded "2022 Scientific Innovation Leading Enterprise".
  • Guangxi Krypen Digital Technology Co., LTD., a subsidiary of ULUCU, won the third prize of the second Guangxi Artificial Intelligence Competition.
  • ULUCU was officially selected as the "2022 Pilot Demonstration Unit of Shanghai Enterprise and Public Institution Patent Work".
  • ULUCU was selected as one of the TOP20 new retail companies in 2022 by "2022 Artificial Intelligence Category Ranking"
  • Shen Xiuping, CEO of ULUCU, was appointed as a distinguished professor at the School of Economics and Management of Shanghai University of Technology.
  • ULUCU store system was upgraded, and launched the "Smart Store" intelligent closed-loop store tour system.
  • ULUCU released "Smart Listening" (voice analysis of intelligent shopping guide), which is based on AI voice technology and enables standardized management of chain business by combining hardware and software.
  • ULUCU won the "Best Retail Omnichannel Solution of the Year Award".
  • ULUCU won the "2021 Annual Technology Innovation Enterprise Award".

Ulucu Mission:

To develop the most advanced brain for (AI) camera

Ulucu Vision:

Make work easier by AI technology
Smart Store System