Smart FMCG Stores
Digital tools go through each link in retailing, reducing cost and improving efficiency.
Pain Points In FMCG
Traditional Management Mode
Low digitalization level for store management, hard to find out problems, and hard to control results.
Hard To Increase Revenue
No way to testify various store data, and impossible to accurately guide operation.
Inadequate Operation Basis
Unable to find out cheat on workmanship in store and infringement to customers' benefits.
Scenario Of ULUCU Smart FMCG Store
Our Solutions
Provide Customers With Caring Service

With member's authorization, face recognition technology will promptly push the member's information on consumption records to handheld device of corresponding shopping guide at the moment when he/she enters the store. Shopping guide will make accurate recommendations based on key information. This not only greatly improves service quality, but also facilitates in-store conversion and increases operation revenue.

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Accurate People Counting, Facilitate Enterprise's Digitalized Operation.

Accurately count the number of people passing through the store, the number of people entering the store, the number of purchasers, etc., understanding the rate of entering the store, the conversion rate, and effectively guiding the operation of the store.

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AI Supervision, Loss Prevention

AI technology intelligent analysis and inspection can rapidly find out cashier fraud and abnormal data, thus saving much time of cashier audit for stores and greatly reducing loss amount in stores.

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AI Store Check Reduces Cost And Improves Efficiency

Artificial intelligence can realize remote efficient patrol through computer or cell phone without going out, which can reduce store-check cost sharply and improve efficiency. Precipitation of backstage data forms analysis reports for managers to make decisions on operation, which can effectively improve business revenue.

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Cooperative Client
Smart Store System