Cross-Lens Analysis

Use AI to discover more data values

Using the three core AI algorithms of human detection, human posture estimation, and ReID, it deeply analyzes a series of behaviors such as customers entering and visiting stores, assist company to maximize value of visitor traffic.
Core Features
Heat map + heat map analysis + cross-lens analysis, collect and analyze multi-dimensional data of customers, and provide high-value data base
Camera, Store Heat map
Based on the Al algorithm, the customer's stay time in each area of the store is recorded, and generate heat map data on store layout
Heat Map Analysis
From data statistics to trend analysis, data more comprehensive, detail, and dimension.
Cross-Lens Analysis
Fully understand customer visiting road map, provide optimize visiting road path and more exposure for product display
Heat Map
From camera to store layout, realize full store cross lens analysis
Store Heat Map
Store heat map data generate based on visitor average stay duration within store, able to understand each area data within store like, visitor numbers, stopped numbers, average stay duration, etc.
Camera Heat Map
Heat map data generate based on customer stay duration on selected area - then selected area data fully attach on store layout indirectly provide visitor number, stopped number, dwell time etc.
Heat Map Analysis
Multi-dimensional data analysis to help stores perform better
Display detailed data such as total number of customers, the most popular product area, the least popular product area, the most willing to stay in the product area, the lowest willing to stay in the product area, the portion of total stay duration in each area, each area visitor number in data trend chart, each product area customer stay duration data.
Cross-Lens Analysis
Analyze customer visiting road map, optimize visiting path for increase store revenue
Analyze customer visiting road map within store, identify each area with traffic performance, optimize product display for better shopping experience.
Cross-Lens Analysis Highlights
Accurately Capture Customer Trajectories in Real Time
Based on human detection, human posture estimation and ReID algorithm, understand customer visiting road path in real time, automatically activated deduplication store data generate targeted & high valuable data insight.
Heat Map Help Store Planning
Heat map can help identify popular/unpopular product areas then assist managers rationally allocate resources and continuously optimize store product layout and display.
Provide Data Support for Marketing Decisions
Based on data combination like sales data, customer visiting data - provides data support for managers' marketing decisions.
Device easy for install with high utilization rate in different use case