AI Technology

We have been engaged in in-depth analysis and research on humanoid detection and tracking,face detection and tracking, face key point detection, face attribute recognition, face verification and recognition, generic object detection and division, video behavior analysis and retrieval, human posture evaluation, REID, binocular stereo vision, cross-camera linkage tracking and other aspects, achieved impressive results and successfully applied in different environmental areas of different industries.

Technical Introduction
ULUCU adopts the process management based on moving track tracking, track normal pattern judgment and classifier classification, the technology of back modeling, trajectory tracking, trajectory determination, pattern recognition and classification is used to realize the accurate detection of mice.
Function Introduction
Back Modelling
Establish models for identification.
Trajectory Tracking
Able to check or replay moving tracks of specified objects.
Trajectory Determination
Determine whether the track is in compliance based on tracking detection results.
Classification Of Model Identification
Classify samples to certain category based on sample features.
Technical Advantages
Accurate Identification
Accurately identify target objects in image based on object identification technology.
Efficient And Stable
Fast response, being constantly optimized and upgraded in actual business application scenarios.
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