Smart Medicine Stores
Improve digital management at drug stores, increase store venue with less manpower and cost, and enhance management efficiency.
Pain Points In Medicine And Health Care Industry
Traditional Management Mode
Relatively traditional store management.
Lagged behind in introducing digital system.
Hard To Increase Revenue
No basis for site selection.
Hard for new stores to attract customer flow.
Low member registration conversion rate.
Inaccurate shopping guide service.
Uncontrollable returning service.
Inadequate Operation Data
High cost.
Low store check efficiency.
Non-uniform standards.
Hard to control formalism.
Hard To Avoid Loss
Hard to find unauthorized bill/flying order/combined bill.
Hard to find out assistants collecting cash from customers privately.
Hard to contain the situation where store assistants purchase in bulk at low price and re-sell after the higher price recovers.
Hard to identify cashier fraud.
Scenario of ULUCU Smart Drug Store
Our Solutions
AI Store Inspection Improves Supervision Efficiency

Help companies to patrol the store intelligently. Staff appearance, merchandise display, store hygiene, etc. are implemented in accordance with the company's required norms and standards, and store management efficiency is improved.

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Accurate Understanding Of Passenger Flow Helps Store Operations

Accurately count the number of people passing through the store, the number of people entering the store, the number of purchasers, etc., understanding the rate of entering the store, the conversion rate, and effectively guiding the operation of the store.

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Cash Lost Prevention, Eradicate Cashiering Loss.

AI intelligent detection and analysis enables to push platform warning to specified person in charge for treatment if there is any abnormal cashiering data or abnormal cashiering behavior. It detects ten thousands of transactions per day and protects the restaurant stores.

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Member Face Swiping, Fast Cashier

With member's authorization, face recognition technology will promptly push the member's information on consumption records to handheld device of corresponding shopping guide at the moment when he/she enters the store. Shopping guide will make accurate recommendations based on key information. This not only greatly improves service quality, but also facilitates in-store conversion and increases operation revenue.

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Cooperative Client
Smart Store System