Smart Catering
Depend on AI technology to improve management efficiency and create sunny kitchen for catering stores.
Industry Pain Points
Inadequate Supervision On Food Safety
Consumer's demand for food safety is the core appeal for catering, and inadequate supervision on kitchen environment and employees' operation can easily cause food safety problems.
Hard To Increase Revenue Of Store
No basis information for store site selection;Hard for stores to attract customer flow;Low members registration conversion rate.
Hard To Manage Stores
Hard to supervise sanitation, influencing brand reputation;High store check cost/low efficiency;Irregular operation in kitchen;Hard to supervise store assistant behaviors, influencing customers' experience;Hard to control fire-fighting safety;Hard to manage store assistant attendance.
Lack Of Data Management
Unable to confirm effects after advertise marketing;Nowhere to start to search for reasons of poor store performance.
Scenario of ULUCU Smart Catering Store
Our Solutions
Ensure Kitchen Food Safety

Supervision on kitchen employees' operations with AI technology can avoid previous violating operations such as not wearing hat or mask, directly scratching itchy skin with hands, using inappropriate tools to clean up sewers; Application of AI technology can also help eliminate rat troubles in kitchen, and ensure kitchen sanitation and safe production and operation.

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AI Store Inspection Improves Supervision Efficiency

Based on AI technical capabilities, create store inspection tasks,The system automatically and intelligently retrieves non-compliant items,Improve efficiency and liberate manpower.

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Cash Lost Prevention, Eradicate Cashiering Loss.

AI intelligent detection and analysis enables to push platform warning to specified person in charge for treatment if there is any abnormal cashiering data or abnormal cashiering behavior. It detects ten thousands of transactions per day and protects the restaurant stores.

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Member Face Swiping, Fast Cashier

With member's authorization, face recognition technology makes it possible to become members just by swiping face;
Members can swipe face to pay, rapidly enjoying membership rights and making cashiering more convenient.

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Cooperative Client
Smart Store System