AI Technology

We have been engaged in in-depth analysis and research on humanoid detection and tracking,face detection and tracking, face key point detection, face attribute recognition, face verification and recognition, generic object detection and division, video behavior analysis and retrieval, human posture evaluation, REID, binocular stereo vision, cross-camera linkage tracking and other aspects, achieved impressive results and successfully applied in different environmental areas of different industries.

Technical Introduction
Behavior analysis aims at automatically analyzing undergoing behaviors in an unknown video or image sequence. Make retrieval and analysis on videos based on behavior analysis technology, find out and locate interesting actions to analyze Who did what at what time and place. This technology can facilitate stores to meet demands for regular management, abnormal behavior warning and customer behavior analysis.
Function Introduction
Human Detection
Detect human behaviors in picture and mark coordinates of human bodies.
Critical Body Point Analysis
Precisely locate critical body points including head top, five sense organs, neck, limbs and other main body parts and joints.
Sequential Action Positioning
Find out the starting and ending time of interested action in an unknown video or image sequence, and know the specific type of this action.
Technical Advantages
High Precision
Fast Detection Speed
High Efficiency And High Quality
ULUCU behavior analysis applies sequential behavior detection technology based on deep learning. Compared with the traditional artificial feature extracting method, 3D deep neural network can get higher-quality spatial-temporal features for specific behavior positioning from videos in a more efficient manner.
Diversified Detection Methods
It can apply online or offline application method based on whether the to-be-detected video is read in as a whole or read in one at a time.
Smart Store System