Cash Lost Prevention

Use AI technology to quickly find fraud and data abnormalities at the cash register, help stores save time for checking cashier problems, and greatly reduce the amount of damage in the store. When an abnormality is detected, an alarm will be generated and the corresponding surveillance video will be attached.

What are the common cashier fraud problems?
Five Tips To Solve Cashier Problems In All Round
AI Detection, Say No To "Inefficient Supervision"
Too long online cashiering video makes it unable to check full process? Severe preparations for offline in-store inspection?
Efficient Management, Eradicate Powerlessness.
Too slow transmission of cashier problems? Ambiguous problem description?Ambiguous supervision rules?
Do all of them make you feel powerless?
Take it easy. Abnormality push and customized configurations help you.
Dashboard Analysis, Make Every Decision Well Founded.
Massive data make you feel intimidating? Need to check data for analysis every month?
Cashier security's function of board analysis can automatically push analyzed data to APP, making your analysis and decision well-founded.
Convenient Onboarding, Say No To "Trouble".
Need to change another set of equipment to work with a new system?
Occupation of resources influences current works?
None of them can be a problem. Only provide you with the most convenient way of access.
The existing IPC at store can be reused. No need to change camera.
It supports multiple data docking modes.
Activate and set functions within 5 minutes.
Support mainstream NVR.
Powerful Platform Support, Eradicate Invalid Product.
Platform unable to support multiple stores? Unclear action recognition makes it prone to error? None of them can be a problem.
Accuracy rate of Cashier Security's humanoid detection technology reaches up to 96.5%, supporting over ten thousand transactions, effectively ensuring store cashier security and eradicating invalid products.
Smart Store System