Accurate People Counting

Make accurate statistics on key information including customer flow passing store, customer flow in store, customer structure, in-store conversion rate and transaction rate based on professional customer flow statistics device, facilitate enterprises in digitalized management, and provide high-valued basis to make decisions on operation.

Accurate People Counting, Facilitate Enterprise's Digitalized Operation
Full Path Funnel, Data Empowerment
Full-path customer data funnel can realize accurate conversion, attract new customers and promote products, and activate customer flow.
Customer Flow Statistics, No One Left
Accurate Statistics On Customer Flow Passing Store
Accurate Statistics On Customer Flow In Store
Customer Flow Analysis, Value Mining.
Analyze customer flow data and guide next operation decision.
In-Store Customer Conversion
  • Quantity of customers passing store and entering store can effectively guide store operation.
  • Quantity of customers passing store is too low, requiring store customer attraction.
  • Low in-store conversion rate requires to optimize in-store factors.(such as door header and showcase)
  • Data comparison among multiple stores to find out problematic stores.
Advantages In Statistics
Smart Store System