Store Patrol MGT

You can remotely patrol stores anytime and anywhere through the mobile phone, client, and Web to meet the unified management of multi-stores across regions for chain brands, including service, hygiene, display, brand image, etc.

On-Site Inspection

When supervisors or headquarter managers go to the store for on-site inspections, they can perform assessments through the APP, create rectification problems and attach photos to achieve closed-loop management of the problems.

Store Assessment

Remote online assessment reduces travel and labor costs and improves management efficiency. At the same time, it can provide diversified data analysis reports in time.


If any non-standard phenomena involving staff or goods found during store check, screenshots can be taken and events can be created and sent to the corresponding responsible person for rectification. After rectification, the rectification results will be photographed and uploaded for rectification confirmation, forming a closed-loop management of store problems.

Smart Store System