Smart Automobile Stores
Artificial intelligence empowers automobile market, and focuses on improving consumer experience.
Pain Points In Automobile Industry
To Improve Service Accuracy
Old store customer management mode, untimely extraction of key information, inaccurate service and slow response.
Inadequate Digital Management
No digitalized operation basis, lack of systematic management, and employees' service standard, code of practice and customer flow urgently to be standard and precise.
Inaccurate Store Customer Flow
Impossible to make accurate statistics on number of customers passing by store and entering store, nowhere to start to know the important marketing data including entering rate and conversion rate.
Scenario Of Smart Automobile Store
Our Solutions
Face Recognition, Precision Service

With member's authorization, face recognition technology will promptly push the member's information on consumption records to handheld device of corresponding shopping guide at the moment when he/she enters the store. Shopping guide will make accurate recommendations based on key information. This not only greatly improves service quality, but also facilitates in-store conversion and increases operation revenue.

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Digital Management, Enhancement Efficiency

ULUCU smart store system assists enterprise in smart store check, smartly supervise whether employees' reception is enthusiastic, whether their dressing meets requirements, whether there is go-slow in workshop and whether store is clean and tidy.

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Accurate Understanding Of Passenger Flow Helps Store Operations

Accurately count the number of people passing through the store, the number of people entering the store, the number of purchasers, etc., understanding the rate of entering the store, the conversion rate, and effectively guiding the operation of the store.

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Store Check Efficiency Improved, Cost Saved.

ULUCU smart store system helps enterprise with smart store check, and supervise store operation anytime and anywhere, thus ensuring real store state, saving store check travelling cost for audit companies and improving store check efficiency.

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Accurate Implementation Of Sales Allowance

Every single sales receipt will appear in corresponding cashiering video and transactions can be recorded in details, thus preventing false sales allowance.

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Transparent Work Station, Relieved Service

Full-process visualized workshop enables car owners to check car repair process anytime and anywhere, ensuring overall and secured services.

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Convenient To Certify Repair Grade

Video authentication and assessment at any store, any position and any time can avoid travelling to and back from head office, thus saving time and travelling cost and improving working efficiency.

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Smart Store System