AI Technology

We have been engaged in in-depth analysis and research on humanoid detection and tracking,face detection and tracking, face key point detection, face attribute recognition, face verification and recognition, generic object detection and division, video behavior analysis and retrieval, human posture evaluation, REID, binocular stereo vision, cross-camera linkage tracking and other aspects, achieved impressive results and successfully applied in different environmental areas of different industries.

Technical Introduction
The purpose of object recognition is to determine whether the object exists in an image and determine its coordinate position in the image. The object detection technology is employed to standardize the goods placement, solve the problem of out-of-stock, cross-shipment and so on
Function Introduction
Multi Regional Precise Analysis

Divide images into multiple areas to make precise analysis on contents of each area through convolutional neural network.

Light Weight Model

Light weight neural network model can be transplanted to front-end equipment for use.

Multi-Size Analysis

Integration of feature maps of different sizes of target image can detect and locate target objects of different sizes.

Technical Advantages
Ultra-High Precision
Accurately identify target objects in image based on object identification technology.
Adapt To Complex Environment
High performance can be maintained in complex environments such as inclination, uneven illumination and disordered background.
Efficient And Steady Treatment
Fast response, being constantly optimized and upgraded in actual business application scenarios.
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