Edge Computing
Strong Fringe AI Intelligent Hardware Design Capability
Design Team
Product Design
Development Power
Top-Ranking Audio And Video Processing Technology
Self Adaption To Light Environment
Automatically regulate wide dynamic and exposure time based on complex and changing light field environment to obtain excellent imaging effects.
Color Restoration And Balance
Top-class capability for color restoration and balancing gains more real effects.
Resistance To Light Flashing
No need to worry light interference at specific frequency at stores, and image effects become more steady.
Leading Fringe AI Intelligent Detection
Face Recognition
Built in with face detection algorithm based on deep learning for automatic detection, the system can track and automatic snapshot of moving face; Rate and screen out the best face map.
Human Detection
Extract humanoid outline and effective body features, and trace humanoid moving track in real time.
License Plate Identification
Work Station Detection
License plate snapshot: Real-time dynamic detection and snapshot of license plate.
Work station detection: Detect work station state, and determine vehicle's entering and leaving status.
Smart Store System