Video Experience
Video Quickly Open.
Provide smooth playback with ensuring of low latency.
Resource Sharing
Resource sharing of different enterprises on entire platform.
ULUCU is responsible for operating and maintaining the platform to help companies reduce usage costs.
Intelligent Scheduling
Through intelligent scheduling, fast access to the Internet, automatic selection of the optimal link, to ensure the load balance of each node.
Data Security
Using asymmetric key exchange and advanced encryption standard algorithms to ensure data security.
Configuration and upgrade
Support remote configuration, upgrade, algorithm model update.
AI Video Analysis
Support video content analysis, AI detection, recognition and other functions, and support remote dynamic replacement and update of algorithm models based on computing power.
Client SDK Support
Support client SDK such as Android, iOS, PC, H5 MSE, H5 WASM, etc.
Device-side SDK Support
Linux embedded SDK, supporting various hardware manufacturers to easily connect to the VaaS platform.
Standard Protocol Support
Support standard protocols such as HLS, HTTP-FLV, RTMP and RTSP, etc.
ULUCU empowers enterprise user with unlimited function expansion. Data coming from smart hardware and CRM will be collected through Ulucu platform to obtain powerful business function.
Determine the expansion based on intelligent analysis of regional devices number. By adding streaming media nodes, horizontal expansion is supported, without devices limitation theoretically.
Big data analysis capabilities based on captured video content
Integrated analysis of video content and related data. Provide structured data to improve customer operational capabilities and efficiency.
Smart Store System